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What are our Shaklee Health Benefits?

Our two sons, Keegan and Tyler

Our Shaklee story goes like this…. Our 9 month old son, Keegan, had chronic acid reflux and ear infections that wouldn’t go away. Because of the reflux, he wouldn’t eat at daycare and didn’t sleep well. This meant we didn’t sleep either and everyone was stressed! We had already gone through all of this with our other son, Tyler.  These health issues surprisingly went away after switching cleaning products and using their vitamins. It was so simple. All we had to do was two simple things and we could have avoided that pain and suffering?! Argh! As a result, we really want to share the information with other people, because no one shared it with us.

What health benefits of using Shaklee products have we noticed?

  1. I was less tired and had more energy after taking the vitamins for 1 week! I couldn’t believe it! I don’t need caffeine any more. My husband also noticed having more energy, but this change was more gradual for him. (Everyone is different)!
  2. After taking the products for a few months it dawned on me that I didn’t have GI issues or lactose intolerance anymore!
  3. I have more hair! Right now the new growth is short and untamable, but I love that my hair will be thicker once it grows out.
  4. The rash on my face has disappeared. (I was allergic to something in shampoos/conditioners/cleansers and switched to Shaklee’s natural products).
  5. My vision is better when I take Vivix.
  6. All of us are sick much less often. Considering that most kids are sick all the time, we are pleased to be healthier!
  7. My youngest child’s acid reflux and ear infections went away after we switched our cleaning products out and started on Shaklee’s vitamins.
  8. My husband and I have lost weight with the 180 and increased muscle with the Physique.
  9. We don’t snack as much when we take protein in the morning.
  10. We also enjoy the peace of mind that we are doing the best for our family!

 Everyone notices benefits of Shaklee products differently because we are all unique. How can Shaklee help you?